about cortale haulage

The Beginnings

In 1997 at the age 24, Frank Pirritano Sr. started Cortale Haulage Recycling & Disposal. As a kid his father owned a construction company and he saw that there were no disposal companies that were able to provide honest and reliable service at an affordable price. He decided to buy his very first rolloff truck and bins. Since then a lot has changed – after 25 years in business, both of Frank’s sons work for the company at his side.

Frank’s Mom came up with the idea of the purple bins, at the time there wasn’t a single company with them. The purple stands out and many people were calling saying “Are you the purple bin guy because I need one. I keep seeing them all over town”.

about cortale haulage

Over The Years

Frank says “It’s clear that service has played an overwhelming factor in the companies success because I have had some customers for 25 years. It’s about going the extra mile, simple things like working long weekends and holidays make a big difference for many of our customers. Many of our costumers do renovations and landscaping as side jobs so they always make a push when they aren’t working their typical 9-5 days”.

When asked about what he hopes the future holds for Cortale Haulage, he says “my future goal for the company would be to go another 25 years and to see my grandkids working with my boys”

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