Our polyethylene IBC totes with steel cages are the perfect solution for industries that require efficient handling, usage, and transportation of liquids and solids. These adaptable containers are designed for mobility, equipped with a sturdy steel frame that safeguards an inner plastic tank, and an integrated shipping pallet base that enables easy maneuverability.

We understand that transporting large quantities of hazardous or non-hazardous materials can be challenging, which is why we offer caged IBC tanks as a practical and economical solution. Our totes are engineered and tested to meet DOT/UN 31HA1/Y standards and approved for Packing Group II and III materials, giving you peace of mind that your materials will be transported safely and efficiently.

FOOD GRADE: drinking water, maple syrups and jams, animal feed storage, garden water, water filtration setups

NON-CLEANED: used oil, used auto parts, water separating setups can be made, septic tanks for shops and campgrounds 

CLEANED: soaps, washer fluid storage, DEF fluid storage, fuel storage 

CAGES: firewood, auto parts

A single truckload for bulk delivery can accommodate up to 60 totes or cages, which can be transported to any location within Ontario, as well as to select provinces throughout Canada.

We would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate totes for your needs! Just let us know how you plan on using them, and we’ll provide guidance on whether to opt for “food grade,” cleaned, or non-cleaned options.

We're licensed, insured & ready to serve.